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Solvent degreasing (or solvent cleaning) is the physical process of using organic solvents to remove grease, oils, fats, wax or soil from various metal, glass, or plastic items. Solvent selection is based on the solubility of the substance to be removed and on the toxicity, flammability, flash point, evaporation rate, boiling point, cost, and several other properties of the solvent.

White spirit is the most widely used hydrocarbon solvent for degreasing / cleaning. It is provides good solvency with controlled evaporation. According classification there are few types of white spirit specifications:  type 1, type 2, type 3 and type 0. The most popular grade for global white spirits market 2016 is Type 1 with Medium Flash Grade.Asia Pacific and North America had the highest demand for white spirit is of globalconsumption in 2015.There are huge demands in these regions owing to activity of degreasing and cleaning solventsector.


The white spirit obtained by cut kerosene faction through distillation system. Depending on the specific technology conditions there are several stages of production that reduce toxicity of the final product. Before distillation from kerosene should remove mercaptanwith alkaline oxidative treating, colors and aromatic compounds (concentration may be up to 20%). Using additional departmentof extractive distillation it is possible to remove aromatic content from white spirit to level less than 1%. White spirit should not contain water-soluble alkalis, acids, solids and water.

White spirit widely used for dry cleaning; paint thinner cleaning; spot removal; wax remover and degreaser. Of course before using the material safety data sheets (MSDS) should be specified.

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