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White Spirit Manufacturing, Specification & Warehouse 

White Spirit is the most widely solvent for paint and others industry. The raw materials for white spirit production acts kerosene. In general white spirit is light part of kerosene fraction cut with using factional distillation system. At our factory for production high quality white spirit we use high efficiency fractional distillation system and a lot of know-how. Our white spirit factory is operation in continuous mode 24/7 and produce transparent, unscented white spirit. For our buyers we propose special payment conditions and delivery white spirit in drums and ISO containers.

For the group of substances included in the term white spirit the constituents are a mixture of saturated aliphatic and alicyclic C7- C12 hydrocarbons with a typical maximum content of 25% of C7- C12 alkyl aromatic hydrocarbons.

The various types of white spirit are produced as distillation fractions from kerosene. The white spirit type 1 (the traditional white spirit) with a content of up to 25% of aromatics and white spirit type 2 (low aromatic white spirit) with a content of up to 17% of aromatics  is produced from straight-run naphtha and/or straight-run kerosene, which are refinery process streams obtained from the distillation of kerosene fraction. These fractions are subjected to fractional distillation into the appropriate boiling ranges of white spirit. A hydrodesulfurization process (removal of sulphur) is carried out either before or after the fractional distillation.

The basic principles of our factory are:white spirit plant

  • Constantly improving production technology and conduct research
  • Consistently high quality of white spirit solvents in different specification: low aromatic white spirit and odourless white spirit.  We control our production at all stage of production
  • Compliance with all international requirements and regulations
  • Product safety data sheet, strict adherence to technology
  • Operates the line on packaging solvents in steel drums and ISO container
  • Loyalty programs from Distributors and Long-Term Partnerships
  • Owe storage park

Certificate of analysis LAWS type-1

Tests Methods Units Results
Specific gravity at 15°C ASTM D4052/ ISO 12185 0.76-0,81
Saybolt Color ASTM D156 Saybolt Color +30
Appearance ASTM 4176 Clear & bright :pass
IBP, 760 mmHg ASTM 1078 °C 157,0
FBP, 760 mmHg °C 193,0
Aniline point, mixed ASTM 611 Rating 54,0
Sulfur Content ASTM D 4294 %W 0.05 max
Refractive Index @ 20C ASTM D 1747 %W 1,435
Aromatic Content by FIA ASTM D 1319 %W 17,9

Certificate of analysis LAWS type-2

Tests Methods Units Results
Density at 15°C ASTM D1298/ ISO 3675 Kg/m3 770,1
Specific gravity at 20°C ASTM D4052/ ISO 12185 0.7799
Saybolt Color ASTM D156 Saybolt Color +30
Appearance ASTM 4176 Clear & bright :pass

ASTM D 86/ ISO 3405

°C 178
Distillation 10%, °C 186
Distillation 50%, °C °C 199
Distillation 90%, °C °C 223
FBP °C 230
Residue and Loss % vol. 1,1
Copper Strip Corrosion Rating 1A
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C ASTM D 445/ ISO 3104 mm2/s 1,063
Flash Point ASTM D 56 °C 38
Water by Karl Fisher ASTM D 6304/ ISO 12937 ppm 56
Acid number ASTM D 974 %W 0,05
Aromatic Content by FIA ASTM D 1319 %W 4,4

ASTM D 4294/ ISO 8754

%W 1,9
Saturated %W 89,8
Total Sulfur (by RX) ppm 59

All tests are carried out according to A.S.T.M. Standards

Warehouse of white spirit

White spirit application

Among the most significant advantages of white spirit are note:

white-spirit-application-saleLow toxicity as compared with other solvents

Smell quickly disappears of white spirit

Low price as compared with other solvents 

Our white spirit safety data sheet has wide possibilities in application case. Our msds recommended using in the following areas:

Manufacturing of paints and varnishes

Paint and varnish materials are widely used for the coating of metal, wood, plastic and give them stability, strength, and good grip. Basis for the production paints and varnishes is white spirit (synthetic paint thinner). Optimal price of white spirit and safety data sheet in turn, provides a strong demand for these products. To ensure that the products in demand in the market, care must be taken as a raw material (odourless white spirit msds). For the production of paints used vegetable oils, solvents, low aromatic white spirit, synthetic thinner msds, resins, both natural and synthetic, diluents, plasticizers and other ingredients. Except raw materials (white spirit or synthetic thinner) in production paints and varnishes is important role played by recipe, know-how and technology.

Antibacterial fluids for treating wood

Antiseptic for wood – is dissolved in the aqueous or white spirit base, which has successfully, destroys the microorganisms that provoke rotting and other adverse wood processes and protects it in different operating conditions. By appointment antiseptics are divided into two main groups: preventive antiseptics and curative antiseptic solutions. Production data types base at low aromatic white spirit. Only high-quality preventive and curative of antiseptic is providing high wholesale.

Degreasing of metal structures

White spirit is used for degreasing / cleaning before painting steel structures, fittings, industry equipments and others. White spirit cleans the surface of the grease, but it leaves a film, which degrades the adhesive properties of the surface.

Using in preparation of bitumen, shale, and automotive rubber roofing mastics

A method for preparing bitumen mastic comprising mixing in mixer heated bitumen, talc, rubber adhesives based on natural rubber and white spirits solvent in a predetermined range of ratios. White spirit also well dissolves mineral oils, bitumen, resins and other resins and not much raises the price of the final product compared to other solvents.

Using for dissolution of polishing and grinding pastes

Piece of solid paste in a small amount is dissolution in white spirit and applied to the disc, that you can start polished details. The white spirit safety data sheet is selected individually, for reasons of chemical compatibility of the active solvent and polished materials. Polishing pastes can be used not only in technical, but also in the art and hobby and that because particular attention is paid to the manufacturer process quality , in this case should to use low aromatic white spirit or odourless white spirit.

Cleaning agent for parts of industrial equipment and cars

The white spirit is one of the most popular organic solvents that used for flushing / cleaning industry and cars details of various contaminants. His popularity in this area is also due to the fact that white spirit is quite strong solvent, it copes with different types of dirt and deposits. White spirit safety data sheet is most safety for cleaning application than other types of solvents. In case, flushing industry and cars details the cost-effective solution to use high aromatic white spirit from 17 to 25 % aromatic   – it has stronger solvent characteristic and lower price than low aromatic white spirit or odourless white spirit.

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White spirit does not lose their positions in popularity among wholesale consumers, despite the appearance on the market of newer solvents. White spirit contributes to this mainly by its excellent technical features combined with an affordable price. The main condition for the correct application of white spirit solvent – strict adherence to all safety regulations. In this case, we are able to get the desired result the quality of the work and do not harm  health.


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