Kerosene is a clear, white-water distillate burning oil intended primarily for wick and pressure type burners used in lamps, stores, refrigerators and other domestic appliances. It is also suitable in industrial applications as a fuel for heating or as a solvent and degreasing agent.

Whilst current production will conform to the specifications above, variations in these characteristics may occur. These characteristics are current specifications at the time of printing only. Shell reserves the right to change these specifications from time to time without prior notice.


Typical Properties * Test Method
Density @ 15C kg/l max. 0.820 D1298
Flash Point, Abel C min. 38 IP170
Distillation D86
Evaporated @ 200C % v 20-75 D86
Final Boiling point C max. 300 D86
Residue % v max 2 D86
Smoke Point mm min. 19 D1322/IP57
Char Value mg/kg max. 20 IP10
Sulphur % wt max. 0.20 D1266/D2494
Gross Calorific Value MJ/kg 42.8 D240
Colour Saybolt min. +20 D156
Copper Corrosion (3hr/50oC) max. 1 D130


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